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Swansea Tree Forum

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About Us

Swansea Tree Forum

We are a forum of volunteers and organisations who share a wish to engage with tree management decisions in the city. Swansea Tree Forum aims to protect, maintain and improve tree canopy cover in Swansea.

Our volunteers focus on:

  1. Protecting existing trees in Swansea

  2. Planting trees: working to increase tree canopy cover in Swansea and surrounding areas, particularly in areas lacking mature trees.

  3. Promoting and coordinating tree-related activities in Swansea and surrounding areas.

We are proud to work with the following partner organisation: the Urban Tree Team at Woodland Trust, Save Swansea Trees, Friends of Morriston Park, Penllergare Trust and Swansea Council Tree Services Unit.

If you are an organisation who would like to join our partnership, please get in touch.

Home: About Us

Campaigns and Partnerships


 Tree Protection and Planting

Did you know Swansea has an unusually low amount of tree cover?

In 2014, Forest Research carried out a survey of the trees in Swansea City. You can download the report here. The survey found that Swansea has a low proportion of large trees compared to the rest of the UK, and would benefit from more medium and large-sized trees. Unfortunately, since the survey was carried out, Swansea has lost even more large trees. Watch this space for news on how the Forum is going to be campaigning to protect, and increase, tree cover in Swansea.


Campaigning for tree retention to be a planning priority

Are you worried about tree felling for development?

Want to learn more? You can download our Guide to Planning and Trees here, if you are concerned about a planning application. 

We support Woodland Trust's Tree Charter and encourage Local Authorities to become a signatory to the charter 



Organisations we work with

Swansea is a community full of groups who work to protect trees, green spaces and our environment. Here are some of the groups we work with:

Coeden Fach Community Tree Nursery

Environment Centre Swansea

Friends of Morriston Park

Penllergare Valley Woods

Save Swansea's Trees

Swansea Council Tree Services Unit

Swansea University Tree Society

Woodland Trust, Urban Tree Programme

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Get Involved!


Plant a tree!

Want to get some more trees planted in Swansea? Click here.

Come along to our meetings

let us know by email, using the button below, if you would like to start coming along to Forum meetings. We meet once a quarter, on a weekday evening in Swansea city centre.

Meet our Comittee! 

We are an informal, volunteer community group. You can meet our committee using the button below.

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Connect with us...

You can connect with us by email here.

On Facebook here and here.

On Twitter here.

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If you would like to join our mailing list, to receive notifications of Forum meetings, please let us know

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